There are certain exercises to increase vertical leap that are more effective than others. Gaining an increase in vertical leap is important to players in a number of different sports, but most obviously to basketball and volleyball players.

Unlike muscle building, there are no special “increase your vertical” nutritional supplements available and no special foods you can eat to help you gain those extra few inches in the air. Exercises to increase vertical leap are the only way you can up your game in this way and they have to be performed correctly and regularly to be effective.

Slalom Jumps

Slalom jumps are a great example of exercises to increase vertical. To perform a slalom jump begin by standing with both feet planted firmly to one side of a fixed line. Keeping your feet together you should then jump to the other side of the line. The exercise should then be repeated as many times as you can without becoming over fatigued or falling over.

Squat Thrusts

Simple squat thrusts are also very effective exercises for increasing your vertical leap as they increase your legs abilities to react more quickly and jump sooner, which are great skills for the player who wants to win more jump balls or record more rebounds.

To perform a simple squat thrust you should stand with your feet shoulder width apart and then squat just low enough for your hands to reach the floor on either side of your body. Once down there, extend your legs behind you as if you were going to do a push up. Then bring your legs back in and jump up as high as you can. This exercise will take a little practice to get right but the benefit they will have on your game will be well worth the effort.

Low Box Depth Jumps

The low box depth jump is another of the most effective exercises to increase your vertical you can perform. As the name suggests you will need a box or platform that stands about twelve inches high to perform this exercise.

Once your box is in place of front of you, stand on top of it. Whether you choose to have your whole foot on the box or just your heels depends upon what is most comfortable for you.

Next step off the box and as soon as your feet touch the floor jump as high as you can. It may help if you jump next to a hoop or some other marker so you can keep track of your improve vertical as you exercises.

All three of these exercises to increase your vertical leap are very simple and can be performed almost anywhere. The key to success, however, is to make sure that you perform them on a regular basis. Do that and although you may never reach Air Jordan heights your chances in a tip off should be considerably improved!

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