Some women avoid engaging in very much strength training – especially the kind that involves weights – because although they want to stay fit and look great they are afraid that if they take up strength training they will end up looking too muscular and masculine. That does not have to be the case at all though and a few sessions a week of strength training added to a regular cardio regime can really make a very noticeable difference to both the way a woman looks and her overall health in general.

The Pros of Strength Training for Women

Strength Training Burns Calories After you Leave the Gym – Cardio exercises will usually burn more calories while you are actually working out but the advantage of a strength training session – even if you are only using resistance bands or light weights – is that you continue to burn more calories for hours after you leave the gym, great if you are actively trying to shed a few pounds!

You Can Avoid Age Related Muscle Loss – As we age we begin to lose muscle and that muscle at that point is usually gone forever. Just two or three 30 minute strength training sessions a week can change that though as weight training can help stop that loss, something that no amount of cardio can ever do.

Increase Bone Density – Another big problem for women as they age is that their bones lose density which can result in increased fractures and other nasty problems. A recent study in the US found that women who lifted weights just a few times a week gained 76% more bone density than women whose workouts only included cardio exercises.

Gain Definition – You probably do not want to lift so often that you end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a dress, but its nice to have defined arms – think Michelle Obama, not The Rock – and nicely toned calves, and that is exactly what a few strength training sessions a week can give you.

The Cons of Strength Training for Women

To be honest, as long as you do not try to lift weights that are too heavy for you at your current level (you will progress)  and you do not lift or indulge in strenuous strength training when you are injured or sick, then there really are very few reasons that strength training for women could really be bad for anyone! If you have not given it a try for yourself yet you really should, chances are that you will very pleasantly surprised by the results just a few short  training sessions a week can really make!



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