Amazing Centurion Sets World Record

If you ever wanted to see an example of the benefits of remaining active in your senior years, we think you only have to look at this amazing story about Ida Keeling, a great, great grandmother who is still competing hard at 100! runner sets world record for age group Ida ran her first race at 67, and hasn’t stopped since. What’s more, she just broke a world record.




Is Your Drive to Work Making You Sick? all know that our morning commutes often drive us crazy thanks to heavy morning traffic and other, less than stellar drivers on the road. But did you know that your morning drive can actually make you sick? According to researchers it can, but they do have some good suggestions you can follow to help minimize the impact of your daily drive to work.

Driving yourself sick? 14 tips for a better commute
 Lengthy commutes are a fact of life for tens of thousands of workers  according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And those drives are significantly affecting commuters’ bodies, minds and personal relationships, according to doctors, attorneys, chiropractors and researchers in various fields.






The Health Benefits of Being a Pet Parent

We all know that walking your dog is great physical exercise but according to some researchers, the health benefits of dog ownership go a lot farther than that. Fido Is Doggone Good for Your Health Daniel Promislow, an American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) spokesperson, and director of the Canine Longevity Consortium at the University of Washington in Seattle, heralded the special benefits of dog ownership.


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