Most people want to eat food that is better for them; after all you would have to have been living under a rock for years to not know by now just what a difference great nutrition can make to your overall health. The one bar that some people think they are facing to do so though is cost. Organic products are expensive and even standard fresh produce in the average supermarket is pretty pricey. Unfortunately, somewhat conversely, junk food, the bad stuff everyone is supposed to avoid whenever possible is cheap in comparison, and so it’s very easy to end up buying too much bad stuff simply because you are working with a tight budget.

But it does’nt have to be that way. With a little clever shopping and a little bit of an attitude change towards food in general it really is possible to eat healthy on a budget. Here are just a few important tips and ideas to get you started.

Buy in Bulk

One of the easiest ways to get better nutrition for less is to buy in bulk whenever possible. Items like rice and pasta are good for you, versatile and have a fairly long shelf life, so in the long run buying that big bag to store in the kitchen cupboard will be a lot more cost effective than picking up individual little boxes and packets because they seem cheaper (they aren’t, it's a pricing illusion, check the unit price)

This logic extends to lots of different healthy foods, even more expensive items like fish and meat. Plus buying in bulk will cut down on the number of trips you have to make to stores, saving you time and probably gas as well.

Get Protein Packed on the Cheap

Everyone needs plenty of protein as a part of a healthy diet. But many people think that the best choices are those that are the most expensive, such as lean beef or fresh salmon. There are however less expensive choices that pack a nice protein punch as well. Eggs, canned salmon, lentils and all kinds of beans all contain plenty of protein and very versatile ingredients that can be incorporated into meals in lots of different ways.

Don’t Be Afraid of Frozen

Another myth that most of us have fallen for in the past is that fresh fruits and vegetables are far more nutritious than frozen ones. That’s not the case though. Frozen veggies are processed at the point of greatest freshness, so the nutritional benefits they offer are perfectly preserved. Buying fresh is nice but it’s also rather expensive compared to the icy alternative and so go ahead, buy the frozen stuff, it’s still just as good for you and will cost considerably less.

Educate Yourself

Many of us think we know what constitutes the healthiest foods but in actual fact there are plenty of foods that are nutritionally excellent that we might tend to overlook. One of the biggest keys to eating a diet that offers great nutrition is understanding which foods offer you the most bang for your buck and those are often not the most expensive ones at all. Take the time to do a little homework – there are lots of great informational sites on the web – and you’ll find that eating well and living within your means is not so hard after all.

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