There are more than a few myths about massage out there but there are a few that just never quite seem to go away. And they hold many people back from experiencing something that can be so very beneficial, which we think is a real shame. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions and a little about the fact behind the fiction:
Massage is Painful
A good massage should be relaxing, comfortable and pleasurable. Now if your massage therapist happens to be working on an area of chronic pain there may indeed be some initial discomfort but that should quickly disappear. If you ever experience pain for any longer than that you can always let your therapist know and they will adjust their technique accordingly. The no pain, no gain concept that some people associate with massage is just plain wrong.

Massage is Too Awkward

It’s true that many people do feel a bit shy and strange the first time they have a massage but that feeling goes away very quickly when you are in the hands of a professional. A massage therapist is there to help you, never to judge you and we have found that often once someone gets used to massage it can even help them lose some of their body issues – an added benefit.

Massage is a Luxury, Just for Special Occasions

Do you reserve exercise for special occasions only? Probably not (we hope). Massage offers all kinds of proven health benefits so why should doing something that is going to make you feel better be reserved for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas only? We don’t think that doing something that is great for you should ever be considered a luxury, it should really be a necessity!

Massage is Seedy

Mention a massage to some people and they will indeed snicker because they associate professional massage with something that it is not. Sure there are some shady outfits out there that do other things under the guise of massage but a real massage therapist is a professional, highly trained individual with very high standards!

Massage is Just Too Expensive

When you put everything into perspective,  massage really isn’t expensive at all. Massage helps improve your health, your emotional well-being and often we have found your whole outlook on the day, if not your whole outlook on life and those kinds of benefits are hard to put a price-tag on.

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