Is brown bread really better than white bread? Is it really such a big deal in terms of your overall diet if you opt for a soft white loaf instead of the wholewheat that various diet plans always seem to be trying to push down our throats? Especially as there is really no difference in the number of calories contained per slice in either one?

The simple answer is yes, as it’ s really not about the number of calories consumed but just what you get, in terms of nutrition, for each one of those calories. But simply being told that brown is best is not enough to persuade many people to make a full time switch, so here are five very good reasons why the bread that comes out of your toaster should always be wholewheat.

The Fiber Factor

There are a number of excellent reasons that getting plenty of fiber is good for you. It aids digestion and the health of the digestive system in general, decreases low-density lipo-protein cholesterol, contributes to heart health and helps leave you feeling fuller faster.

The problem with white bread is that during the refining process most of the fiber is stripped away, leaving around 0.5 grams a slice intact versus the 2.0 grams in wholewheat. So right there you are already losing out nutritionally by opting for white, over processed breads.

Perfect Proteins

Did you realize that just one slice of wholewheat bread contains, on average 5 grams of protein? That makes it a great way to help meet your daily protein requirements without adding any extra saturated fat to your daily diet while also giving you a little extra energy boost as a bonus. White bread does not offer so much though, less than two grams per slice on average.

Wonderful Wheatgerm

Another key ingredient stripped away by the process that creates white bread is wheatgerm. This means that you will be losing out on the vitamin E, folate and essential omega 3 fatty acids that wheatgerm, which remains in wholewheat bread, has to contribute to your diet. Why should you care? Omega 3 fatty acids aid heart health and brain function while Vitamin E is especially good for the health of your skin and your hair and so if you can get all that goodness from a simple piece of wholewheat toast why would you ever not do so?

Clever Carbohydrates

Contrary to what some fad diet plans may suggest, you really do need some carbohydrates in your life, or in your diet at least. The carbs in wholewheat bread are low on the glycemic index, so they won’t increase your blood sugar, like many simple carbohydrates are prone to do.

It Just Tastes Better

A slice of wholewheat bread has a lovely, nutty taste and a chewy crunch, especially when toasted, that is very satisfying, both for your taste buds and your tummy. White bread on the other hand has a light,flimsy, sometimes slightly sweet taste that is far less filling. The fact is wholewheat bread just tastes better and those who opt for white these days usually do so because it’s easy and convenient, or it’s just what they have become used to.

Some people on a weight loss program fear bread. But you really don’t have to as it has a lot to offer for the calorie count, as long as it’s wholewheat that is.

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