Most of us have at least one part of our body that, however hard we diet and exercise, just  never quite looks the way we’d like. For a lot of women (and men too) that problem area is the belly. The quest for a flat stomach (or a flatter stomach at least) is one that preoccupies a lot of people’s time both in and out of the gym!

One of the mistakes people make is thinking that there is a way to diet to get a flatter stomach.  Sorry to say, there really isn’t though. There are however certain foods that can make your stomach look and feel more bloated, spoiling all that effort you have been putting into working out. Here are some of the worst culprits, and some of them may surprise you!

Gassy Veggies – Vegetables are great for your health right? Well yes they are but the problem is that certain vegetables are rather “gassy” and can puff up your tummy. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and onions are all flat belly busters. No one is saying give them up of course though, just limit portion sizes and try to mix in non gassy veggies like carrots and peas.

Fried Foods – Fried foods aren’t that good for you in general but they are especially bad for a flat stomach. As they are harder to digest fried foods often lead to a bloated look  – and feeling – that is far from pleasant.

Artificial Sweetener – Switching sugar for a no cal sweetener in your coffee cuts calories, but it can also derail your flat belly efforts. Try switching from your usual brand (aka the “pink stuff”) and try one of the new stevia products instead. Stevia is a South American herb, is all natural and does not have the same bloating effect as artificial sweeteners do.

Fizzy Drinks – You have  heard of a beer belly but there is such a thing as a soda belly too! All those bubbles are full of gas and they can bloat your belly rather quickly!

Chewing Gum – Even harmless chewing gum can be a problem for those in pursuit of six pack of abs. Chewing gum traps unwanted air in GI tract and leads to a bloated looking, puffy tummy too!

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